About Coach Cory & Bodies@Work

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Then you are one of the 78 million people living in the U.S. who are identified as a Baby Boomer. A fellow Baby Boomer, I often refer to myself as a “recovering couch potato.” I didn’t discover the benefits of a healthy aging lifestyle until after the age of 40. So, you might say I'm a late bloomer.

The Baby Boomer Generation

We are Baby Boomers. Every 7 seconds a Baby Boomer turns fifty. We are the largest percentage of the population. We are actively re-inventing what it means to age gracefully. We will not “go gentle into that good night.” We see ourselves from 10 to 15 years younger than we are. We spend more on health care than our parents did. We visit our health care providers more, consume more services, and aren’t afraid to actively seek ways to improve our quality of life.

If this is you, then a healthy aging coaching may just be on your shopping list.

Baby Boomers live longer, but the debate goes on whether as a group we are healthier or not. The big challenge we face is to build the kind of lifestyle for ourselves, our families, and our communities that support being well not just while we’re young, but for our entire lives.

My Mission

Redefining healthy aging and inspiring the world to lead a healthy lifestyle full of greater meaning and purpose.

How Am I Different?

Because I've probably encountered the same challenges you're facing, either through my own personal experience, or when working with hundreds of others. I am my own guinea pig. I've tried all the “diets” [read passing fads, not sustainable], “supplements” [they don't work and if you ask me when we meet I can tell you why], “exercise programs” [I know which ones are efficient, effective, appropriate, and which ones aren't], and much more. I've leveraged my education, work, and life experience to build a unique “Optimum Aging System” I call the “Bodies That Work™ Program.”

Changing who you are for the better, to improve your health, increase your chances of longevity and avoiding disease takes commitment, time, and hard work. The results will be so satisfying. To many people, it is like getting their life back. If you want to turn your wishes into a reality, then all you need to do is take that first step. It’s a hard one to take, but once you do, you will never look back. A healthy aging program that is sustainable for a lifetime can become part of your personal plan for living a life filled with greater energy and a greater outlook for the future.


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