Which Exercise Program Is Right For You?

  1. Corrective Post Re-hab Exercise
    Where to start if you have active pain, following surgery, or recovering from a fracture. The purpose of Corrective Exercise is to concentrate on rebuilding correct posture and movement patterns. The focus is on the following:
    • Stretching techniques to improve movement and flexibility
    • Isolated strengthening of weaker areas to correct muscular imbalances
    • Create joint and posture stabilization
    • Improve Core Stabilization
    • Frequency: 2x/week
  2. Balance/Flexibility/Functionality Training
    This is where most clients start. This type of training enhances your strength, endurance, and functionality, while stabilizing your joints, improving your posture, increasing your muscle mass, and increasing your metabolism so you burn more calories naturally. We use both stable and unstable exercise techniques to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.
    • Focus: Core Training
    • Frequency: 3x week
  3. Plateau Busting/Fat-Burning Exercise
    Once you've built a solid foundation, it is important to maximize your caloric expenditure when trying to break a fat loss plateau. This can be accomplished by choosing exercises that place you in environments of controlled instability. This forces your central nervous system to work harder by utilizing more muscles. Circuit training is an example of one way to accomplish this goal. The key is to learn the proper intensity to get results.
    • Focus: Intensity
    • Frequency: 3x/week
  4. Strength/Muscular Development Training
    This is designed to increase your muscle mass for:
    • Body shaping
    • Athletic performance where strength is required
    • Not recommended for endurance sports training
    • Focus: Progression
    • Frequency: 3x/week
  5. Endurance/Cardiovascular Training
    This level helps you to increase your speed, power, and core strength, while developing your central nervous system utilizing balance, core stabilization, and reactive training techniques. Typical exercises use low weight at a very fast pace. This program can be used in conjunction with Plateau Busting or by cycling the two programs. It can also be used for endurance sports training.
    • Focus: Endurance
    • Frequency: 3x/week

Now that you have a better idea of why your body needs to move well, the next step is to learn more about exercise and how to improve your balance, flexibility, functionality, etc. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation.