How to Beat the Clock

"You may delay, but time will not.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

  1. Realize That You DO Have Time
    Some common things you probably do that waste time:
    • Sleep in on the weekends
    • Spend a lot of time on things like Facebook and/or video games
    • Watch TV or surf the web out of boredom
    • E-mail or instant message personal conversations while at work

    Taking away all of these time-wasters could literally save you hours upon hours. Make a list of other time-wasters that you’re guilty of, then post this list where you can see it. Let it become a daily reminder of what not to do.

  2. Identify Interruptions
    For an entire week, keep a notebook handy so you can write down every time you’re interrupted. Maybe you can point the finger at that one coworker who always wants to chat it up when you’re up to your ears to make a project deadline. Use this list to figure out how to get rid of unnecessary daily disruptions, like unplugging the phone when you’re busy and telling that chatty co-worker to buzz off (nicely of course).
  3. Keep a Planner
    A busy life needs an organized blueprint. There is no better way to save time than to let the folks at your local office supply store create the outline for you. Don’t waste time creating calendars—buy a day planner! These handy little books are inexpensive and come already organized, which can save you bundles of time and mental energy. Don’t store appointments and TO DO lists in your mind or on slips of scratch paper. Write it down in the organizer, get it out of your head, and you’ll know when, where, what, and why you need to be doing something. Yes, for the tech-savvy, there are programs, but use smart phone or tablet apps that can be opened, updated, and referenced as easily as a paper planner. Google and Apple have ones to choose from, so get started right away.
  4. Do it BEFORE it’s Due
    You can easily double the amount of time you spend on a task if you keep pushing it back. So don’t follow the rule of “better late than never.” You may get something done at the last minute and feel relieved, but chances are it won’t reflect your best work. Tackle projects as soon as they come your way and you’ll end up with more hours in your day, guaranteed.

    "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." ~ George Orwell

  5. You Snooze, You Lose
    If you’re hitting snooze because you’re exhausted in the morning, get to bed earlier! If you’re snoozing due to habit and the fact that your alarm is within arm’s reach, move it across the room! If you continually wake up grumpy because the incessant buzzing or beeping gives you a headache every morning, get a new alarm! Try a clock radio or something like a music player and wake up to a good morning song. You can even choose an alarm that can wake you up with soothing nature sounds—like birds chirping or the sounds of the sea.

Now that you have a better idea why how you think is important, the next step is to learn more about Mental Discipline Techniques. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation.