Bodies That Work™ Optimum Performance Programs

Short term nutrition and exercise programs are nothing more than a fad diet. The results will also be short-term.  Sustainable results take a long time, so these programs are designed with that in mind, teaching you how to incorporate the components that really contribute to long term health. We’ve identified 5 key areas that we believe contribute to your ability to implement and sustain a healthy lifestyle for years and decades to come, without the up and down from traditional nutrition and exercise programs.

Complete programs are an investment in your future. All training includes everything you need to succeed:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Full Body Assessment

Plus Your 5 Star Optimum Performance Training System:

  1. 5 Star Nutrition Program
  2. 5 Star Exercise Program
  3. 5 Star Rejuvenation Strategies
  4. 5 Star Mental Discipline Techniques
  5. 5 Star Environmental Awareness

The 5 Components

These are the 5 components that make up the Bodies That Work™ philosophy. You will learn about these and so much more!

  1. 5 STAR NUTRITION (Read More)
    • Eat Real Food
    • Portion Control
    • Calorie Awareness
  2. 5 STAR EXERCISE (Read More)
    • Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Functionality
    • Form—Move Well
    • Detect and Correct Muscular Imbalances
  3. 5 STAR REJUVENATION (Read More)
    • Yes—Get Plenty of Sleep
    • Stretching is Important, too
    • Stay Active Daily
    • Think Positive
    • Use Affirmations Daily
    • Think of Others
    • Pollutants—Indoors and Outdoors
    • Chemicals All Around Us
    • Other Contaminants

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Bodies That Work™ Optimum Performance Training is a custom designed system with your individual success in mind.