Cory did an excellent job creating a comprehensive program tailored to what I needed to do to correct muscular imbalances and strengthen my core muscles to support my back, which has some degenerative changes. I have had very little problem with my back since I began working with him.”
– Bruce C., CEO, Vitality Marketing Associates International, LLC
Cory has been nothing short of remarkable ever since I met him. I initially engaged him as a fitness trainer because I wanted to just get my workout routine in order. Soon after starting my program, I discovered Cory was more than a fitness trainer–he’s a true lifestyle coach. His knowledge of nutrition, fitness, rest, positive thinking, and environment has sculpted my mid-40s body amazingly. His life experiences also benefit to me as I navigate through my mid-life changes. He has become my mentor. His positive belief in me and all his clients, makes Cory a great motivator. He’s helped me achieve more from my life, pushed me to exceed my goals for my body, mind, and spirit. Cory is trustworthy, dependable, knowledgeable, reasonable, resourceful, reliable, and so much more. I recommend him as a coach, a trainer, a mentor, a business partner, and a friend..”
– Gordon D., HHP CMT
Staying fit, lean and muscular helps me to stay centered and I have found it’s a major contributor to the quality of my life. I totally believe it also contributes to my longevity.”
– Alex B., Business Owner
I enjoy working with Bodies@Work and Coach Cory. It took me longer to lose the weight (35 pounds in eight months), because I didn’t follow Cory’s advice at first. He never lost patience or faith in me. Once I finally got with the program, it paid off in the end. I’ve finally been able to keep the weight off! I’ve successfully incorporated everything Cory taught me into my lifestyle and I still return on a quarterly basis for an accountability assessment. I eat small meals six times a day and have grown to love clean eating (i.e., no processed foods). Exercise is not a chore anymore, but a fun recreational activity I look forward to every day.”
– Carla B., Administrator
We decided to work with Coach Cory as a husband and wife team. Through this experience we even managed to get our 16-year-old son to follow in our footsteps. In only twelve weeks, I was able to lose over 5% of my body fat. My wife was finally able to rid herself of those last 10 pounds she had been struggling to lose. We could not have done it without Coach Cory. We’re very proud of our accomplishments and are so thankful for the Bodies That Work™ programs that make our health and fitness goals both achievable and maintainable.”
– The Clark Family
When my brother announced he was getting married in a year, I knew I wanted to lose weight. I started working with Coach Cory because I knew that exercise was important and I needed someone to be accountable to. The nutrition portion of the program was laid out as a logical method so it was easy for me to follow. Recording my caloric intake was real motivating for me, not a chore at all. By keeping records of my exercise, I could see how I was progressing. I even kept a record of my sleeping patterns and a diary of my feelings during the experience. Together, all these things helped keep me sane, on track, and I was able to reach my body image goal a month in advance of my brother’s wedding.”
– Lisa E., Bride’s Maid
I realized that I had to make a permanent lifestyle change, not just go on another diet. I found Bodies@Work and Coach Cory helped me to understand eating as a way to nourish my body to maximize performance and prevent illness. His advice on exercise, rest, and positive thinking helped me to add lean muscle to my frame. I now know that this is essential to changing the shape of my body from pear to hourglass. The added muscle really helps speed up my metabolism.”
– Joanne G., RN
I met Cory at a seminar on nutrition and was impressed by his knowledge of the subject. He inspired me to eat cleanly. I went to see him at the Fitness Gallery and he created a strength training and nutrition plan that were both easy to follow and stick to. I discovered it was fun and rewarding to break a sweat and have fun for 30 to 40 minutes, three to four days a week.”
– Shelley J., Business Consultant
Coach Cory taught me how to track my caloric intake and exercise for proper balance, flexibility, and posture. Cory explained how to choose goals that I can sustain over time. I was choosing goals that were unrealistic, thus setting myself up for failure. I learned for instance that if I know I’m going to have a super-busy week and little free time, I can still commit to working out for just 15 minutes a day, rather than a full one hour. I am always able to get in even short workouts and that has kept me on track toward my long-term goal. In one year, I lost 110 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years now. Recently, Cory created a program for me that allowed me to train for and complete a marathon!”
– Dana M., Executive Assistant
Bodies@Work at the Fitness Gallery rocks! I just completed my first 12-week Bodies That Work™ program. Coach Cory is not only friendly and responsive, but very knowledgeable and a good teacher. His instructions are easy to follow. I got results right away. I am definitely going to be a long-term client. Thanks Coach Cory for all your help.”
– Adam N., College Student
Thanks to the patience and persistence of Coach Cory, I made slow and steady changes to my attitude, diet, and activity levels. He educated me about emotional eating, how to eat whole foods, and to keep records of everything I do. When I learned about sugar addiction and the glycemic index, I really started to get serious about taking control of my health and fitness. Thanks to Cory, I was able to work on getting happy and putting more of my focus on living life to its fullest, rather than looking to food to fulfill me. I’ve been able to maintain my goal body weight for nearly 3 years now.”
– Suzanne P., Teacher
After many years of yo-yo fad diets, I finally decided to get serious and hire a personal trainer. I found Bodies@Work and was impressed by how much Cory knows about health and fitness. He designed a custom strength training program for me that I could do during my lunch break, three days a week. The other two days, I walk. I quickly started to love how exercise made me feel in addition to the results I was seeing. The combination of exercise and smart eating took me from a size 22 to a size 8.”
– Dayna P., Data Entry Specialist
To lose the weight I’d gained over the years at my sedentary job, I went to Bodies@Work and learned how I could change things up not just for a 12-week course, but for the rest of my life. I eliminated refined sugar from my diet and replaced it with whole grains and fresh fruit. After three weeks I no longer craved sugary treats. This made it a lot easier for me to lose the weight (40 pounds) and keep it off for nearly three years now. I never skip breakfast anymore and eat small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day as well as drink plenty of water. When I eat something every 2½ to 3 hours, I’m always satisfied and hardly ever tempted to overeat. Don’t underestimate the power of exercise! Cory has helped me to appreciate how exercise is a crucial part of my weight-loss and weight-maintenance regimen. Once I incorporated exercise, I easily dropped over 30 pounds. I continue to workout for an hour three to four times a week. I feel great after each workout! I feel like the time I’ve spent with Cory was an investment in myself and my future. Thank you Cory for these valuable life-skills. Amortized over a lifetime, your fee was the bargain of the century!”
– Roberta R., Enrolled Agent
I love Bodies@Work! Coach Cory gave me the tips and guidance I never got from anyone else–like proper exercise form and how eating, rest, and emotions effect whether or not I get results from my exercise program. I used to have a hard time sticking with a program, but now it seems easy. I look forward to working out. One thing that blew me away is Coach Cory’s attention to detail, so I get the most out of every workout. I get 100% with every session. No one else gives service like that! Thanks Coach Cory.”
– Glen S., Realtor
I want to tell everyone about Coach Cory and Bodies@Work. I love the Fitness Gallery, plus his research, and review emails. No one else ever provided me with this kind of helpful information. His pricing is great, too. I think he should charge more. I will only be working with Bodies@Work from now on. Thanks.”
– Adam S., Systems Engineer.
I tried all those weight loss products and services you see on TV, but nothing worked. Then I came to Bodies@Work. Coach Cory taught me how to gradually change my eating habits. He also taught me how to incorporate exercise as a more natural activity of my daily life. I started slowly at first, then over time increased my time and intensity. Now eating right without feeling deprived and being active are part of my life. My energy and attitude are through the roof. I’m getting out more and enjoying life better than ever.”
– Carlotta T., Retired
When I first started working with Coach Cory, I was coming off an injury that had kept me out of the gym for over a month. I was able to rehab the injury and see better results than I’ve ever seen!”
– Scott V., College Student
As a funeral director, I saw obesity listed on far too many death certificates as an underlying cause of death, so when I saw that on my medical chart, I knew I had to take action fast. I started working with Coach Cory. He showed me how to cut out most sugar, white flour, greasy fried foods, and processed foods. He taught me how to reduce portion sizes, so I was eating smaller meals of fresh fruit, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and good fats. Cory also incorporated strength training for tone, balance, and flexibility, plus walking as a low-impact cardio workout 3-5 times a week.”
– Leeda B., Funeral Director